Top Five Reasons to Rent a Limo on New Years Eve

Top Five Reasons to Rent a Limo on New Years Eve

happy new yearNew Year’s Eve is a traditional time for remembering our past year and looking forward to the new year ahead. Resolutions, goals and planning are common thoughts throughout the night. The New Year’s holiday is also a time for celebration and most adults enhance the evening with a few drinks for a little extra holiday cheer.  A much overlooked concern about the night should also include your plan for getting home safely after your party ends. Hiring private chauffeur transportation is often overlooked and generally thought of as an extravegant expense.  It is actually a viable option, especially when you consider the benefits they provide.

I put together this “top five reasons” list to help you weigh your options while planning your upcoming New Year’s Eve night.  If you are already considering a limo, use this list when discussing your night with close friends and family who you want to include.

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Limo Service for New Years Eve Transportation:

1) Celebration!! Rather than staying home on December 31st to watch others celebrating the new year on television, plan to have some fun this New Years Eve. There are so many ways you can ring in the new year too. Get out and enjoy New Years parties with close friends, go pub crawling, do some holiday light touring, see your favorite band in concert, or maybe have a romantic dinner at a 5-star restaurant. Whatever you decide, getting together with friends to spread joy, share happiness, remember highlights of the past year and anticipating the future year ahead is what this tradition is all about. Just as important as deciding what to do or where to go for your celebration, it is equally important to know how you will get there and how you will return home. Taking a professionally chauffeured vehicle is a great option to travel in style and keep the fun rolling from the start of your evening until after the ball drops.

2) Take the Party With You! Renting professional chauffeurred transportation for your New Years Eve provides the ability to bring all your friends along for the ride. A limo makes a lot of sense when you factor in how many of your friends can conveniently ride together safely (and share the cost).

3) Drink and Ride! Traveling with a private chauffeured service is truly the only way to legally drink while driving with the confidence that your sober chauffeur will get you to the next destination safely and on-time. Drinking is a traditional way we embrace our New Year’s Eve celebration. A limo eliminates the legal concerns about getting home after having a few drinks, plus your designated driver can take the night off and have a few drinks with the rest of the group.

4) It’s Cheaper!! Hiring a private chauffeur for the night is far cheaper than getting popped for a DUI. These days a DUI can haunt you for years and cost thousands in legal fines and fees. Driving multiple vehicles to meet up together with friends involves lots of gas, traffic confusion, navigating to destinations, parking fees as well as the danger of injury, lawsuits and fatalities caused from having one too many drinks earlier in the evening.

5) SAFETY!! Safe travel on New Year’s Eve should be a primary concern even if you have not had anything to drink. New Year’s Eve fatalities are twice as likely to happen than any other night of the year. New Year’s Eve is also the most dangerous night for pedestrians to be struck by intoxicated drivers. Hiring private chauffeured transportation provides safe travel during New Year’s Eve when the risks of driving are at an all time high and law enforcement is on high alert to prevent drunk driving. New Year’s Eve should be a memorable evening of celebration, but we should never forget that it is also an extremely dangerous time to drive.

Be smart this New Year’s Eve and don’t drink and drive. Trust your safety to the hands of professional chauffeurs who can get you to your planned destination with friends while celebrating the new year in style.

If you live in the Charleston SC area, consider Mt. Pleasant Shuttle for your New Year’s Eve transportation. We have lots of different sized vehicles from town cars to buses that can meet the needs of your group. Remember to book your reservations soon since New Year’s Eve sells out early every year.