Cutting Edge Transportation Technology For Shuttle Services

Cutting Edge Transportation Technology For Shuttle Services

limo driverFor most industries, new technology has changed how business has traditionally been done. Online reservation systems, GPS navigation / tracking, mobile devices and mobile apps are all now common tools within the ground transportation industry. Each of these tech tools has advanced to the point of being absolutely necessary to provide competitive customer service.


Most ground transportation service companies’ core business involves taking customers to the airport. What if these businesses could also help those same customers with their ground transportation needs once their flight arrives at the next destination city? Well, for ground transportation companies using the GroundLink reservation system, they now can thanks to a new app called DriverAnywhere.  Small independent ground transportation shuttle and car services can now extend their business nationally with the new DriverAnywhere Network by GroundLink. GroundLink claims that their new network is “the world’s first and only standards-oriented, quality-controlled ground transportation affiliate network.”

The system is currently available in 40 major U.S. markets which represents over 25,000 cars already on the network. Needless to say, availability should never be an issue. Managing the rides is also a snap with the driver GPS position and status updates received directly to the reservation system software.

At the core of the GroundLink Network is the DriverAnywhere App, available for free to ground transportation drivers using most any type of mobile device including iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry Platforms. The mobile device app is powered by the Limo Anywhere reservation system platform, and its main purpose is to simplify the daily tasks that reservation dispatch operators manage by automating most of those tasks that are generally edited manually. Using the DriverAnywhere App puts the service car driver in control by allowing them to update reservation statuses as the ride changes. These status changes can include basic info such as notifying the dispatch office that the car is “on location” or “customer is in car” plus processing payments and creating electronic signatures from customers.

The process that allows the system to work begins with the transportation business notifying current clients that the DriverAnywhere service is available so that customers book the out of town ride with them. This is a great service for the clients since they will no longer need to search for another transportation service to provide transportation at the next leg of their trip. One-stop shopping that will save them time plus appreciate the added customer service provided.

Once the transportation service books an out-of-town reservation for their client, the next step is checking the real-time pricing and confirmed availability at that future destination. The transportation service alerts the network of the ride needed, then the DriverAnywhere Network automatically selects a pre-screened member partner to serve that client.

Next, the transportation service provides their client with the future reservation details. Once their client arrives at that out-of-town destination the transportation service receives status updates that re-assures them that their client’s ride is going perfectly, along with the GPS position tracking from the car that picks them up.

Lastly, the transportation service receives a final bill from the out-of-town car service and then they can bill their client accordingly.

Thanks to DriverAnywhere, car service drivers and the service owners can be on the cutting edge of transportation technology. Drivers and dispatch offices can communicate wirelessly and integrate GPS navigation and tracking for the optimal client transportation experience.

Mt. Pleasant Shuttle is currently using this new technology and excited to share this improved customer service experience to all clients.